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Citroen H Michelin Delivery Van 1960 1:43

The 1960 Citroen H Michelin delivery van with Bibendum on top of the cab.  A nice Eligor model serie..

Elva Race Support Truck 1947 1:43 PRE ORDER

The Morris Commercial PV as used by the Elva race team as a support truck in 1947. A Spark 1:43 scal..

Ligier Transporter 1974 1:43

The Ligier-Maserati Transporter as used by the Ligier Le Mans team to transport the Ligier JS2 cars...

Mercedes Benz O317 Porsche Motorsport Team Transporter 1966-68 1:43

The 1966-68 Motorsport Porsche Team Mercedes Benz O317 Transporter. The model has opening rear doors..

Mercedes LP608 Jagermeister Racing Team Service Truck 1:43

The Jagermeister Racing Team Mercedes LP608 service truck.  A stunning Premium Classics limited edit..

Trailer Silver 1:43

A silver trailer that can be fitted perfectly with other IXO model vans (RAC279X and RAC280X) . An I..

Citroen DS Transporter 1970 Blue 1:18

A model of the 1970 Citroen DS Transporter in blue. A CMR 1:18 scale model...

Citroen DS Transporter 1970 Bordeaux 1:18

A model of the 1970 Citroen DS Transporter in Bordeaux. A CMR 1:18 scale model...

Fiat 242 Peugeot Talbot Sport 1986 Service Van 1:18

The Peugeot Talbot Sport  Fiat 242 works service van as used during the 1986 season. A Laudo Ra..

Fiat 642 Bartoletti RN2 - Ferrari Racing Transporter 1958-59 1:18

The 1958-59 Ferrari Racing Fiat Bartoletti 642 RN2 Transporter as used by Ferrari racing F1 team. A ..

Honda N360 Classic Team Lotus Utility Vehicle 1979 1:43

The Honda N360 is a small front-engine, front-wheel drive, two-passenger utility vehicle. The Lotus-..
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