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Cooper Climax T53 Hap Sharp US GP 1962 1:43

The Cooper Climax T53 as driven to 11th place 1962 US Grand Prix by Hap Sharp.  A 1:43 Spark modelSK..

Cooper Climax T53 Roger Penske GP US 1961 1:43

The Cooper Climax T53 in which Roger Penske finished in 6th place of the 1961 US Grand Prix.  A fine..

Cooper T60 John Rhodes British GP 1965 1:43

The Bob Gerard Cooper T60 as raced in the 1965 British GP by John Rhodes. He retired on lap 38 with ..

Cooper T60 Mario de Araujo Cabral German GP 1963 1:43

The Scuderia Centro Sud Cooper T60 as raced in the 1963 German GP by Mario de Araujo Cabral. He reti..

Cooper T81 Alan Rees British GP 1967 1:43

The Cooper Car Company Cooper T81 as driven to 9th place in the 1967 British GP by Alan Rees.  A Spa..
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