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Lola LC89 French GP 1989 Eric Bernard 1:43

The Lola LC89-Lamborghini as raced in the 1989 French Grand Prix by Eric Bernard. The car retired wi..

Lola MK4 #15 Roy Salvadori German GP 1962 1:43

The Yeoman Credit Racing Lola-Climax MK4 as it was driven by Roy Salvadori in the 1962 German F1 GP...

Lola MK4 Climax Maurice Tritignant GP Monaco 1963 1:43

 The Lola MK4 Climax as driven 1963 Monaco Grand Prix by Maurice Tritignant. Maurice retired followi..

Lotus 109 Honda Mugen Eric Bernard European Grand Prix 1994 1:43

The Lotus 109 Honda Mugen as driven to 18th place in the 1994 European Grand Prix by Eric Bernard. A..

Lotus 109 Honda Mugen Philippe Adams GP Belgium 1994 1:43

The Lotus 109 Mugen Honda  as driven in the 1994 Belgian Grand Prix by Philippe Adams. Philippe reti..

Lotus 12 Climax Graham Hill GP Monaco 1958 1:43

The Lotus 15 Coventry Climax as driven in the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix by Graham Hill. Graham retired ..

Lotus 18 Climax Ian Burgees French 1961 1:43

The Camoradi International Lotus 18 Climax as driven to 14th place in the 1961 French Grand Prix by ..

Lotus 18 Climax Jim Hall GP USA 1960 1:43

The Lotus 18 Climax as driven to 7th place in the 1960 USA Grand Prix by Jim Hall. A Spark 1:43 scal..

Lotus 18 Climax Lucien Bianchi GP Belgium 1961 1:43

The Lotus 18 Climax as it was driven in the 1961 Belgian Grand Prix by Lucien Bianchi. Lucien retire..

Lotus 24 Jim Hall German GP 1963 1:43

The Lotus 24 as raced 5th place in the 1963 German Grand Prix by Jim Hall. A Spark 1:43 scale resin ..

Lola MK4 Climax Lucien Bianchi Belgium GP 1963 1:43

The Reg Parnell Racing Lola MK4 Climax as driven during the 1963 Belgium GP by Lucien Bianchi. Lucie..

Lola MK4 Mike Hailwood GP Italy 1963 1:43

The Reg Parnell Racing Lola-Climax MK4 as raced by Mike Hailwood in the 1963 Italian F1 GP. Mike qua..

Lola The Illustrated History 1957 to 1977 Book

Lola, the British company, is probably the best-known and best-respected builder of racing cars, a..
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