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The Racing Models Search facility

Enter a item in the SEARCH box at the top of the page and a category to narrow your search. You may enter any phrase. The search will be on the model headline only. For example if you are looking for 1965 Le Mans cars enter: Le Mans 1965. If you are looking for a Ferrari P4 just enter that name, would you be looking for a particular driver, just enter the surname.

Once the result shows on your screen, click on the thumbnail of the model you were looking for to see all details, more pictures, price, model maker etc. If the result is not what you are looking for, then click on the box: 'search with product description' and make that search facility active. You can then enter a more detailed search phrase.

A little about model scales

Some more information about model scales:

Models are expressed in scales relevant to the real car.

For example a 1:18 scale model measures 18x smaller in all measurements to the real car.

The most collectible sizes are 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:87 (HO).

The examples in the above pictures are as follows

The BMW Z4 is scale 1:18

The Aston Martin DBR9 is scale 1:24

The Mercedes C Class is scale 1:43

The Ferrari Super America is scale 1:87 (HO)

Some Hints

To view the model details you are interested in, click on any thumbnail picture and a description of the model with price and stock availability will show. Clicking again on the model pictures will show a large image. When you right click on a rotating image, you will view a close up. If you want to hold a rotating image, click and hold or move your cursor to the desired position. If an item is not in stock your screen will tell you and you cannot place an order for that item, avoiding any errors. When the relevant screen informs you that an item is in stock you can rely on that information and the item is in our warehouse available for immediate delivery.

If you have any questions, relating to the models you are interested in, or about shipping, payment or any other matter relating to the models we supply, contact us by email on You can also call our customer support telephone numbers at BST (British Standard Time)

Payment Facilities

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