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Diecast models of support vehicles and trucks that transported the racing cars to their events.

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Citroen H Michelin Delivery Van 1960 1:43

The 1960 Citroen H Michelin delivery van with Bibendum on top of the cab.  A nice Eligor model serie..

Ferrari F1 Truck + Trailer 1980 1:43

The Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team truck + trailer as used druing the 1980 Grand Prix season.  A ve..

Mercedes Benz LP911 BMW Racing Support Truck 1963 1:43

 The 1963 BMW Rennabtielung Mercedes Benz LP911 truck.  A Premium Classixx 1:43 scale model.PCL12107..

Mercedes LP608 Jagermeister Racing Team Service Truck 1:43

The Jagermeister Racing Team Mercedes LP608 service truck.  A stunning Premium Classics limited edit..

Mercedes LP608 Martini Porsche Service Truck 1:43

The Mercedes LP608 Martini Porsche service truck. A superb Premium X 1:43 scale model supplied in a ..

Renault Juvaquatre Michelin Van 1951 1:43

 The 1951 Renault Juvaquatre Michelin tyre delivery van. A 1.43 budget model.MAGBL35 T3..

Volkswagen T1 Bunker Racing Team Transporter 1:18

The Volkswagen T1 Transporter as used by the Rennstall Bunker in the USA in the 1960's.  A ..

Saviem SB2 Van Le Mans 24h Service Van 1968-72 1:18

The Saviem SB2 Service Van as used by the Alpine Renault Le Mans team between 1968-1972. 1:18 Ottomo..
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