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Reward Points Scheme

1.  Register or Log-in to your Racing Models  account.

2.  Choose the product(s) you wish to purchase.

The number of reward points that can be earned by purchasing an item and the number of points that are required to purchase an item are displayed on the product page.

3.  Add a product to your basket:

4.  Reward Points can be applied in your basket:

5. Once Reward Points have been applied, the total is updated:

6. Points can also be applied to an order on checkout page:

7.  If you change your mind and decide not to use your reward points, this can be done by entering a zero into the ‘Points to use’ box and pressing the associated submit button to update the total :

8.  A statement of Reward Points awarded/used can be accessed via your account. Once logged in, you can select ‘Edit Account’ from the top of the screen and then select ‘Your Reward Points’:

9.  Once selected, a complete record of your Reward Points will be displayed:

Terms and Conditions

10.  Although there may be products or occasions when a different percentage of reward points will be offered, generally you will receive 10% of the value of a product in reward points:

          £1 spend - 100 points (worth £0.10)

        £10 spend - 1000 points (worth £1.00)

        £50 spend - 5000 points (worth £5.00)

      £100 spend - 10000 points (worth £10.00)

11.  Reward Points will be awarded based on the amount spent on models ordered (as per the number of points displayed). Other products will have no points award associated with them or be able to be purchased with points. These non-model products include, but are not limited to, Gift Vouchers, Books and DVDs. Any subtractions from the amount spent on models (e.g. use of a coupon) will also be deducted from the amount of points awarded.

12.  Reward points will be applied to an account when an order is dispatched.

13.  Racing Models reserve the right to change the number of points awarded for purchasing a product and the number of points required to purchase a product without prior warning. Both values may fluctuate up and down.

14.  Reward points cannot be used for pre-order items or in conjunction with any other offers/discounts.

15.  Racing Models reserves the right to change the value of Reward Points or withdraw the Reward Points program entirely, but this will only be done with at least 28-days notice. This notification will be via our newsletter and customers will be able to exchange any accumulated points during this period. In the event that the Reward Points program is discontinued, any Reward Points not redeemed within the notice period will expire when the scheme ends.

16.  Reward Points will only be awarded for orders placed online via the website and will only be valid for use during the checkout process when placing an order on the website. No points will be awarded for or can be used on orders placed outside of the website.

17.  There is no cash alternative to Reward Points. They have no cash value and they are non-transferrable.

18.  Reward Points will be removed for any orders that are cancelled (after dispatch) and/or any returned models that involve a refund.

19.  Reward Points will only be awarded to/be used on orders placed while logged into a valid Racing Models account.

20.  Once redeemed, points used cannot be reversed.