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Audi R10 #2 Le Mans 2007 1:43 (Spark)

The Audi Sport North America Audi R10 TDI as it was raced at Le Mans 2007 by Rinaldo Capello - Tom K..

Audi R15 TDi Winner Sebring 12hrs 2009 1:43

The Audi R15 TDi as it won the 2009 Sebring 12 hour race in the hands of Alan McNish - Tom Kristense..
Audi R8 Team Veloqx #28 Sebring 2004 1:43

Audi R8 Team Veloqx #28 Sebring 2004 1:43

The Audi UK Team Veloqx Audi R8 as it was raced in the 2004 Sebring 12 hour race by Biela - Kaffer -..
£34.00 £29.95

Audi R8 Team Veloqx 5th Le Mans 2004 1:18

The Audi Sport UK Team Veloqx Audi R8 (Dallara) - Audi as raced to 5th place at Le Mans 2004 by Alan..

Le Mans 2000-2009 Collection (10-Disc boxset)

Le Mans 2000-2009 Collection (10-Disc boxset)Available in a complete ten DVD collection for the firs..

Le Mans 2010-2015 Collection (6-Disc boxset)

Le Mans 2010-2015 Collection (6-Disc boxset)Enjoy the great battles between Toyota, Audi and, latter..
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