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Audi A4 Emanuelle Pirro DTM 2004 1:43

The Audi Sport Team Joest  Audi A4 as it was raced in the 2004 DTM series by Emanuelle Pirro. A grea..

Audi R8 #8 Biela - Kristensen - Pirro Winner Le Mans 24hr 2000 1:18 PRE ORDER

The Audi Sport Team Joest Audi R8 (Dallara) as driven by Frank Biela, Tom Kristensen and Emanuele Pi..

Benetton Ford B188-89 Emanuelle Pirro French GP 1989 1:43

The Benetton Formula Limited Benetton Ford B188-89 as raced to 9th place in the 1989 French GP by Em..
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