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BMW 1602 Niki Lauda-Rene Herzog DRM 6hr Nurburgring 1970 1:18

The Alpina BMW 1602 as it was raced at the 6hrs Nurburgring DRM race in 1970 by Niki Lauda - René He..

BMW 1602 Peter Meyer Nurburgring 1971 1:18

The Alpina BMW 1602 as it was raced at the 6hrs Nurburgring ADAC Internationals race in 1971 by Pete..

BMW 2000 Ti Ickx - Harne Winner Spa 1966 1:18

The BMW 2000 Ti as it won the 1966 Spa Francorchamps 24 hour race in the hands of Jacky Ickx - Hurbe..

BMW 2002 Stuck - Schikentanz Winner Nurburgring 1970 1:43 (Minichamps)

The BMW 2002 as it won the 1970 Nurburgring 24 hour race of 1970 in the hands of Hans-Joachim Stuck ..

BMW 2002 Wolfgang May DRM Hockenheim 1974 1:43

The Schnitzer BMW 2002 as driven to 3rd place in the 1974 DRM race at Hockenheim by Wolfgang May.  A..

BMW 2002Ti Class Winner 1000KM Nurburgring 1973 1:43 PRE ORDER

The Koepchen BMW Tuning BMW 2002Ti as it was driven to 17th place overall and T2 class winner by Ted..

BMW 3.0 CSL Hobbs - Parsons Daytona 24hrs 1976 1:43 Minichamps

The Coca Cola BMW 3.0 CSL as raced to 10th place in the 1976 Daytona 24 hour race by David Hobbs - B..

BMW 318i Thierry Tassin Adac Cup 1994 1:43

The Belgian Thierry Tassin BMW 318i car as he raced it in the German ADAC Cup of 1994. A brilliant a..

BMW 318i Thierry Tassin Belgian Procar 1993 1:43

The BMW318i  E36 Thierry Tassin raced in the Belgian Procar series. A rare Minichamps model supplied..

BMW 320 Stefano D'Aste WTCC 2005 1:43

The BMW 320 as it was raced in the 2005 World Touring Car Championship by Stefano D'Aste.  A superb ..

BMW 320i #19 Karl-Heinz Becker DRM 1977 1:43 PRE ORDER

The BMW 320i as it was raced by Karl-Heinz Becker during the 1977 DRM season. Karl-Heinz raced in th..

BMW 320i #43 Dirk Muller ETCC 2002 1:43

The BMW Team Deutschland BMW 320i as driven by Dirk Müller in the 2002 ETCC championship. Dirk finis..

BMW 320i Claudia Hurtgen Winner 2004 German Touring Car Championship 1:43

The Schubert Motors BMW 320i as it finished 1st  in the 2004 production class of the German Touring ..

BMW 320i Duncan Huisman Dutch Champion 2002 1:43

The BMW E46 320i In which Dutchman Duncan Husiman won the 2004 Touring Car Championship.  A fine Spa..

BMW 320i Marc Hennerici WTCC 2005 1:43

The BMW 320i as it won the 2005 Independents Trophy of the World Touring Car Championship in the han..
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